Thermtest GHFM-01

Guarded Heat Flow Meter (GFHM)




The Guarded Heat Flow Meter (GHFM-01) follows ASTM E1530-19 for testing thermal resistance and thermal conductivity of solids, such as metals, polymers, composites and paste from -20 °C to 310 °C. The Thermtest proprietary testing stack, replaces the traditional pneumatic movement with advanced motor control, which allows automated control of testing sample thickness, force or pressure applied.

Publication Acknowledgement

Please use the following statement in the acknowledgement section of any document generated which uses data collected from the GHFM.

The authors acknowledge the use of the facilities, plus the scientific and technical assistance of the instrument staff at the Advanced Materials Science and Engineering Center, Western Washington University, USA. The authors also acknowledge the support of the Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation for funding the Thermtest Instruments GFHM-01 Guarded Heat Flow Meter (GFHM) used in this work.

Thermtest GHFM-01 guarded heat flow meter instrument sitting on a benchtop