Laboratory Safety Training

Safety Training - Classes

If you are planning to use AMSEC for class related purposes, please email the lab manager ahead of time to set up the required safety training. Depending on the situation, the instructor and/or TAs may have to undergo training in person. The students may also have to fill out some information related to safety to enter the lab. This will be determined on a case by case basis. 


The safety training for AMSEC does not satisfy the training requirements held by other departments on campus and other department's training courses do not satisfy the AMSEC version of a laboratory safety training.

To request FOM training, create a FOM account and request training in FOM.

Please do this ahead of time as it may take more than a couple days to set up a training and you are not allowed to use the lab or equipment until this has been completed.

Safety Training - Research

Prior to partaking in the lab safety training, users must read the AMSEC Lab Safety Tutorial and the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

AMSEC requires an in person laboratory safety training to be completed by any users who would like access to ES 128, any rooms accessed through ES 128, any instruments, equipment, or other uses located in these rooms. In the case of laboratory classes, the faculty members and/or TAs in charge of the class while it is in the AMSEC labs are required to attend the in person training.

All AMSEC related trainings and equipment usage requires the use of Western's Facilities Online Manager (FOM). FOM is an online scheduling software that allows for user tracking and other features. FOM is also how you stay up to date on the current key code to access the lab.

Expired Training

After one year, FOM will remove your access from anything requiring AMSEC lab safety training. In order to renew this for another year, please complete this quiz. It is a Microsoft 365 quiz that must be passed with an 80% or higher (28/35). This quiz is based off the AMSEC Lab Safety Training.

green and silver gas canisters of various sizes

Compressed Gas and Cryogenic Liquid Training

The compressed gas and cryogenic liquid (CG&CL) safety training is required for all AMSEC equipment that uses compressed gases or cryogenic liquids in a way that requires the user to interact with the cylinder or tank directly. This is an in person training that is requested using FOM. If a user has not completed the training, they may not utilize any equipment requiring said training. Full list of equipment in this category. 

If you have not set up an account on FOM, please do so before requesting access to instrumentation or training.

In addition to the in person training, the user is responsible for the information located in the AMSEC Compressed Gas Safe Handling and Usage Guidelines.

X-Ray Radiation Safety Training

The X-Ray radiation safety training is a canvas course that must be completed before using any equipment on campus that utilizes X-Rays. To request access to this course, request training on FOM. You will be added to the canvas course by the lab manager and should receive an email inviting you to the course. You must email the lab manager when the course is complete so they can switch your FOM status. After the course is successfully completed, you can then request access to equipment using FOM as well.


Xray warning symbol, with "Caution - Controlled Area X-Rays" below