AMSEC Committees

AMSEC Executive Committee

Consisting of the director and four faculty members drawn from the AMSEC faculty membership, the Executive Committee meets regularly to review activities and approve proposals. It is the committee’s responsibility to facilitate the coordination of AMSEC and to advise the director concerning productivity, effectiveness, and appropriateness of activities. The committee also evaluates and recommends changes to AMSEC’s bylaws. Proposed amendments are approved by the Executive Committee and then moved to the AMSEC general membership for final consideration.

2023-2024 AMSEC Executive Committee

  • Tim Kowalczyk, Chair | Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • John Misasi, Associate Professor of Polymer Materials Engineering
  • Amanda Murphy, AMSEC Director | Professor of Materials and Organic Chemistry
  • Arwin Rahmani, Associate Professor of Physics
  • Kristina Walowski, Assistant Professor of Geology

2023-2024 AMSEC Curriculum Committee

  • Milton From, Associate Professor of Physics
  • Mike Larsen Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Manuel Montaño, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
  • Amanda Murphy, AMSEC Director | Professor of Materials and Organic Chemistry
  • David Rider, Professor of Materials Chemistry and Engineering & Design
  • Mai Sas, Geochemistry Research Associate

2023-2024 AMSEC Scholarship Committee

  • Rob Berger, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Steven Emory, Professor of Analytical Chemistry | Director of Scientific Technical Services
  • Deb Glosser, Assistant Professor of Engineering
  • Andreas Riemann, Professor of Physics

2023-2024 AMSEC Seminars Committee

  • Asmaa Boujibar, Assistant Professor of Planetary Science
  • Gregory O’Neil, Professor of Organic Chemistry
  • Mark Peyron, Associate Professor of Polymer Materials Engineering

2023-2024 AMSEC Committee Faculty Service Representatives

  • Tim Kowalczyk (Chemistry): CSE Policy, Planning, Budget Council (PPBC)
  • Amanda Murphy (Chemistry): CSE Diversity Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Armin Rahmani (Physics): CSE Curriculum
  • Andreas Riemann (Physics): CSE Personnel
  • David Rider (Chemistry): WWU Scientific Technical Services (STS)
  • Takele Seda (Physics): CSE Technical Operations