Mission and Charter

External Advisory Board's Mission and Charter

The mission of the AMSEC Advisory Board (AB) is to help guide the development and growth of its educational, research, and outreach programs in interdisciplinary materials science. AMSEC AB members will work with AMSEC to achieve the following program development objectives:

  1. Evaluate and update the curriculum for the materials science minor and explore the possibility of implementing a new masters degree in materials science at WWU.
  2. Achieve broader regional connectivity with the industrial, academic, and non-profit materials science community, with the goals of expanding our industrial internship offerings and R&D and academic partnerships.
  3. Expand AMSEC’s ability to provide support for student research and faculty and staff technical expertise development.
  4. Identify areas of technical expertise and related equipment holdings to focus on in order to enhance the relevance of the program to regional needs and to ensure the preparedness of our graduates.
  5. Conduct wide-spread, vigorous, effective legislative outreach and public education that will communicate the value of the program as it relates to education, materials innovation, economic expansion and workforce development for the region.
  6. Make contact with investors / donors who are willing and able to financially support the program.
  7. Identify and facilitate opportunities for large-scale collaborative or multi-institutional grants.
  8. Maintain an advisory board of 10 to 20 members who are highly visible, knowledgeable and influential leaders from within the professional materials science community in the region.

Board members will enjoy a satisfying and stimulating volunteer experience as they work in collaboration with Western Washington University to fulfill the need for innovation and a highly trained workforce in materials science in the Pacific Northwest.


Full AMSEC External Advisory Board Charter