Advanced Materials Science and Engineering Center (AMSEC) is an interdisciplinary center in the College of Sciences and Engineering whose mission is to educate students, promote collaborative research, and help regional materials technology companies innovate. Its educational activities include academic programs in materials science and engineering, research and internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, and seminar and outreach programs. Collaborative research is encouraged through the activities of the Center’s interdisciplinary teams, collective grant writing, and by providing access to shared instrumentation, technical staff, and other resources. The Center works with regional companies by providing access to specialized equipment, faculty expertise and consulting, student internships, and assistance with R&D.

The Center also operates a shared, open access Materials Characterization Laboratory housing certain instrumentation, and facilitates access to a wide range of specialized materials synthesis, processing, and characterization capabilities in its member’s departments and own laboratories.




AMSEC’s materials science minor degree prepares highly trained professionals for graduate study or positions in industries ranging from aerospace to microelectronics, alternative energy, and biotechnology. Our industrial internship program places AMSEC students in regional companies – this helps develop their professional and technical skills as well as contributes to their scientific and engineering knowledge.

AMSEC also operates a shared, open-access Materials Characterization Laboratory that houses state-of-the-art x-ray diffraction, thin film reparation, and thermal analysis equipment. AMSEC also has facilities access to a wide range of other specialized materials synthesis, processing, and testing capabilities across campus.


AMSEC works with northwest companies to help encourage private sector innovation and improve competitiveness with R&D, access to specialized equipment, faculty experts and student interns. Our collaborative research, development and materials testing program streamlines the process of working with the University and helps connect businesses to the most appropriate resources in a timely and responsive manner.   In the past five years, AMSEC has worked with regional industries spanning the range from aerospace to pet products to renewable energy; faculty and students helping to solve real-world materials science problems.


AMSEC’s nationally recognized faculty direct research programs spanning a broad spectrum of scientific and engineering fields, supported by over $2 million in grants in recent years. Areas of expertise represented by AMSEC include analytical chemistry, biomaterials, polymers and composites, catalytic materials, photovoltaic and electronic materials, marine-related materials, magnetic materials, nanomaterials and geomaterials.

Technical Resources

The Center offers a wide range of state-of-the-art materials synthesis, processing, and characterization resources available to university researchers and companies in need of specialized equipment or expertise. AMSEC provides some resources through its own Materials Characterization Facility, with additional equipment and capabilities available through affiliated faculty and departments. Visit our Industry page for detailed information.