Let AMSEC Help with Your Projects

AMSEC’s mission includes encouraging private sector innovation and helping Northwest companies respond to technical challenges in materials analysis, research, and development.

Most small and medium-sized companies have limited in-house scientific and engineering resources – this is where AMSEC can help. AMSEC can collaborate with businesses to provide research using specialized equipment, faculty expertise, and student enthusiasm.

AMSEC welcomes industry partners and works to connect them with the research and technical resources they need.

Materials Analysis

AMSEC focuses on specialized chemical and physical testing services that are either difficult to obtain or not available elsewhere in the region. Services include DSC, TGA, XRD, SEM, optical microscopy, atomic force microscopy, FTIR and UV-Vis spectroscopy, fluorimetry – See our Instrumentation page for a complete listing of capabilities. Testing is performed on a fee-for-service basis with hourly rates for equipment, student, and staff time. AMSEC personnel will perform the testing for you and provide a written report.

Getting Started

Contact us to discuss the appropriate framework for your project.

Either of these approaches can work to help determine your project’s scope.

  1. R&D partnerships and other long-term projects are administered through WWU's Office of Research and Sponsored Projects on behalf of AMSEC.
  2. Relatively routine analyses involving a small number of samples or projects of limited scope and duration are handled directly by AMSEC.