Event Archives

AMSEC has supported student events and presented educational programs since its inception. Below is a selected archive of past events.


  • Dr. Larry Dalton, Emeritus Professor - Chemistry & Electrical Engineering, University of Washington - Theory-Guided Road Map for Electro-Optics and the Information Technology
  • Dr. Garth Simpson, Professor - Analytical and Physical Chemistry, Purdue University - Toward Pervasive Nonlinear Optics
  • Dr. Kyler Knowles, WWU Alumnus - Polymer Science and Engineering: molecular origin of polymer’s thermal and mechanical properties and how it relates to product performance
  • Dr. Don Baer, Laboratory Fellow & Lead Scientist in the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - The Secret Life of Nanoparticles: often ignored characteristics that impact interactions in chemical, biological and environmental system
  • Jordan Birkland, Composites Engineer, Boeing Research & Technology - Materials and Process Development for the Composite Cryotank Technology Program
  • Dr. J. V. Ortiz, Ruth W. Molette Professor, Auburn University - "Electron Propagator Theory, Dyson Orbitals and Correlation-Bound Anions"


  • Dr. Jeffrey S. Wiggins,  Professor, University of Southern Mississippi - "Developing High Energy Absorbing Helmet Liner Systems for Warfighter Protection"


  • Michael L. Pegis, Yale University - “Electro- & Photoelectrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction with Iron Porphyrins: A Thermodynamic Approach”
  • Dr. Robert Weber, Senior Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - "the role of hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces in the upgrading of biomass to biofuels"
  • Dr. Jeff Carroll, Assistant Professor, WWU Behavioral Neuroscience and Dr. Brian Rusk, Research Associate, WWU Geology, "Trace metal distribution in cerebrum of Huntington’s Disease model mice determined by LA-ICP-MS"