TA Instruments Q500 Coupled EGA

TGA-FTIR Evolved Gas Analyzer




The TGA-FTIR is a sequential analysis instrument capable of analyzing the gas evolved during a TGA experiment. The TGA experiment measures mass loss versus temperature from room temperature up to 1000°C. The resulting gas is passed through the interface gas cell on the Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS10 FTIR. Sample requirements can be stringent so please contact the lab manager for more information. Samples must be between 5 and 200 mg with most samples needing to be between 20 and 50 mg. If samples lose less than 20% by mass, then larger sample sizes are required. Samples must not evolve too must water as this can damage the gas interface cell. Ensure that you have enough sample for multiple runs as it generally takes a few runs to get the parameters optimized.