TA Instruments DHR-2

Discovery Hybrid Rheometer




The TA Instruments Discovery Hybrid Rheometer-2 (DHR-2) is a very precise and sensitive rheometer used to measure the flow and deformation of liquids, suspensions, or slurries. Information that can be gained include viscosity, storage modulus, and loss modulus; among other properties. The furnace is capable of temperatures from ambient up to 600 C at heating rates of up to 60 C/min. Subambient accessories are being investigated. Currently, the only geometry available is the 25 mm disposable parallel aluminum plates. If other geometries are required, please contact the lab manager to discuss options. For more information on the instrument capabilities, please see the manufacturer website.


The instrument software can be downloaded and can be installed on any Windows PC. After opening the software, you will be asked to connect to an instrument. Simply add any instrument and choose the offline option and "connect" to the offline instrument to open the software.