Rigaku MiniFlex 6G (XRD)

X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD)




The Rigaku Miniflex 6G is a high-throughput bench top X-Ray diffractometer. It has a 600 W copper tube with a D/Tex Ultra silicon strip detector capable of very fast data acquisition. Equipped is the 8-position auto sampler along with a variety of slits. The auto sampler has the ability to spin samples to reduce preferential orientation effects. A filter is used to reduce K-beta contributions. An optional graphite monochromator is available for materials high in iron or other materials that fluoresce under copper X-Rays. We have an optional high temperature stage capable of going up to 500 C in a 1 bar max pressure differential enclosure. This uses a Kapton window and has a vacuum pump attached. Optionally a domed sample holder is available for preparing samples in an inert environment.