Olympus SZX16

Research Stereomicroscope




The Olympus SZX16 research grade stereomicroscope offers ease of use and a wide range of magnifications utilizing the 10x eyepieces and the body with a built in seamless 0.7x to 11.5x zoom and a 0.5x and 1.0x objective lens system. Magnifications range from 3.5x all the way up to 230x without troublesome lens changes. This microscope also offers coaxial, gooseneck, and transmitted light sources including bright and dark field imaging. Several light sources can also utilize polarizing filters. The base plate can be switched from a white background to a black background and utilizes a clear glass plate from transmitted light viewing. The camera and easy-to-use software provide quick quantification of distances and features and a high definition image saving ability in a variety of image file formats.

Olympus Website with more specifications