Bruker Bioscope Catalyst

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)




The Bruker Bioscope Catalyst AFM is capable of imaging solid samples as well as live cell samples using an incubator attachment (up to 40°C). The AFM is mounted on an inverted optical microscope (Nikon Ti-U) which allows for simultaneous imaging using the microscope and AFM. The microscope is coupled with a Hg excitation source with DAPI (UV2A), TRITC (G2E/C), and FITC (B2E/C) excitation filters for fluorescence microscopy. The sample stage allows for the imaging of larger samples including glass slides and glass bottomed dishes. We do require that WWU users provide their own probes which can be difficult to choose. Please see the provided document below for choosing the appropriate probe.

Bruker Bioscope AFM

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