AMSEC Equipment Access Policy

  • AMSEC instrumentation is available to internal and external users. External users will pay a fee for use when use is not covered under contract. Under some circumstances, internal users may have to pay a consumables cost recovery.
  • The equipment managers will control access to the equipment. Equipment managers may be appointed by the Lab Manager. If external users have requested access to equipment, it will be discussed with the Director before any action is taken.
  • Once requested, the equipment managers will set up equipment training after all appropriate safety training has been completed.
  • The equipment manager will decide on a case-by-case basis how many trainings the user must undergo before they are given access to the instrument.Before trainings are completed, the user will have restricted access requiring supervised usage.
  • If the equipment manager does not believe that the user has become qualified on the equipment in a reasonable amount of time, they may not be granted access to the equipment and further trainings will be suspended. This decision will be made by the Lab Manager in consultation with the Director, and will be discussed with the user’s supervisor before it is made final.
  • All equipment users must complete the AMSEC Instrument Training Verification Form before any access is granted.