Agilent 7900 (ICP-MS)

Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry




The Agilent 7900 ICP-MS offers trace elemental analysis which can reach down to low parts per trillion or better depending on sample prep cleanliness. The quadrupole mass spectrometer offers the ability to scan through all the elements in under a second. The added octopole reaction system (ORS) removes interferences and polyatomics. For liquid ICP-MS, an SPS4 autosampler is available to offer automated analysis of 200+ samples. Samples can be analyzed in up to 5% acid, excluding hydrofluoric. Solid samples can also be measured using the laser ablation accessory. Please see the laser ablation accessory page for more information.

Special access instructions 

If you would like to use the ICP-MS, please be advised that there is a $5/hr consumables charge for gases for internal users. External users, please contact the lab manager for pricing information. Financial account info must be on file with AMSEC before use can take place. You must also have completed the appropriate safety training beforehand. Please see this webpage for more information. You will need to have your samples and standards prepared before training can begin. Please contact the lab manager in advance to discuss sample preparation and standards. Standards and acid are not provided by AMSEC. You should try to schedule a training session at least two weeks in advance to allow for scheduling. You should use the cost estimator on this page to help estimate cost and time required for instrument use.