COVID Information

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LAB CLOSURES: None at the moment.

Lab Hours: 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday. No persons are to occupy the lab outside these hours. No persons can occupy the lab if there is not a designated site supervisor in the building.

Training Availability*: Kyle will be on campus on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday each week. There will still be a site supervisor for Monday and Wednesday, but no training will take place those days. Kyle will still be available from remote assistance.

*Ensure that you allow at least two weeks notice when attempting to get training. Also, provide your availability when applying for training.

Steps to gain access to AMSEC during COVID

If you do not have a FOM account, you must first create one. Ensure you become familiar with FOM operation on a computer as well as your phone.

  • Read the AMSEC Summer Plan - This document contains the plan for AMSEC to reopen to summer research activities. We have drafted the document to gain back as much of our previous abilities while keeping all the facility users as safe as possible. This is required knowledge. You will be quizzed on this information prior to being allowed to use the labs or equipment.
  • Become familiar with the AMSEC COVID Lab Layout All users must follow the marked floor path. Only one person can occupy the walking path or the instrument operating sections at a time. 
  • Read Western's COVID-19 Prevention in the Workplace
  • Watch this video on proper glove use

Current Users

Equipment Restrictions:

  • The TGA-FTIR and HP-DSC must be scheduled with me since they are in special locations that require making sure there are no conflicts with nearby equipment.
  • The XPS will only be operated by me. You must email me to arrange sample drop-off and preparation requirements.
  • The Denton is on a restricted use status as well. Email me if you have concerns.

There can be NO USE of the lab unless an AMSEC designated supervisor is there. This means that no weekend or after hour use can occur. Equipment can be left to run after hours, but no persons can occupy the lab after hours. 

Before Entering

You must attest to your health once daily before entering our facilities. This is done either via the employee or the student route located on the WWU attestation page. If you don't have any options or do not know how to do this, please reach out.